Green Building

Burger Homes is thoroughly committed to building Energy Efficient homes in order to sustain low-cost and low-maintenance houses. Our experience and understanding allows us to use methods and materials economically with less of an impact on the environment.
Site: Efficient design starts with an understanding of the building site. This is the most effective means of Green Building. Our homes are custom built to accommodate each site individually. Our experience helps us utilize the climate of this region. We analyze each site specifically and consider various elements: from the localities of the sun and wind seasonally, to the topography and vegetation of each site. This means proper orientation of the house, along with intelligent placement of openings and vegetation to interact efficiently with the varying weather of Iowa. These passive systems lead to less money spent on heating, cooling and lighting. Construction: In constructing our homes, careful use of materials and construction methods allows us to build superior performance homes.The Building Envelope is constructed consistently from the ground up with overall consideration for energy efficiency, including avoiding excessive construction waste. This is achieved through conscientious assembly of all construction elements. When finished, our homes prevent leakage of air and promote greater insulation, producing quieter more comfortable living. The materials we choose to use also factor into our green design. High-performance windows and insulation, properly installed, coincide with efficient ventilation systems to eliminate excessive cost and wasted energy. Our homes are independently tested beyond code requirements to guarantee safer indoor air quality and economic energy performance. These often neglected, or hidden, elements of home construction separate Burger Homes and are indicative of our meticulous attention and commitment to superior home construction.


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